About Tifa Dance Challenge

Hygge Operations & Events and Tifa Ventures Private Limited presenting “TIFA DANCE CHALLENGE” a dance competition. Candidate can apply from across the country, but we have our auditions in selected cities only (Jaipur, Indore, Dehradun, Lucknow, Dharamshala, Chandigarh, Goa and Shimla. After complete all formalities and received entry passes, candidate are eligible to attend our auditions. Fill all detail while registration, your entry pass will be send to you through email and post.

Terms of Competition

  1. Desire candidate should be age of 18 to 27.
  2. Entry fees for auditions is Rs. 499/-.
  3. After passed audition, candidate can perform in our show.
  4. Candidate can speak Hindi and English for communication.
  5. Last date for Registration is June 5th 2020 (Till seats available)

Details of Auditions

Jaipur Audition Date: 1st Aug. 2020, Time: 11:00am
Lucknow Audition Date: 4th Aug. 2020, Time: 11:00am
Dehradun Audition Date: 12th Aug. 2020, Time: 11:00am
Indore Audition Date: 20th Aug. 2020, Time: 11:00am
1st Prize: One Lakh Rupees + Winner Trophy 
2nd Prize: Fifty One Thousand Rupees
3rd Prize: Twenty One Thousand Rupees

50 Consultation prize (Rs. 5100/- )


Entry Fee: 499/- (for audition). Fill your details below for entry pass and pay

We require scripts for Movies, Adventure Serials and Web Series.

Genre: Crime, Thriller, Romance

Contact: audition@hyggeoperations.com

Toll Free: 1800 121 222229